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Code Red Robotics Controls

We offer many solutions to aid FIRST robotics teams. We have highlighted what we feel are the most helpful ones below.

Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard

The custom Dashboard allows teams to get better feedback from their robot, with little programming effort. We built our dash to be completely extendable with an API for plugins. Learn More

Advanced Libraries

Advanced Libraries

We have built up a large library in Java that provides many helpful features that are not provided in the WPI libraries. Learn more

Pit Manager

Pit Manager

The Pit Manager assists teams in organizing their pits. Pit Manager will organize your match schedule, keep track of all your batteries, and even allow you to talk people in the stands! Learn more


Controls Systems Guide

Have a question about something wiring, programming, or electronics related? You can find the answer in the Complete Guide to the FRC Controls System.

Introducing the Controls Module

Our Controls Module was created to make maintenance and testing easy. Learn More

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Wondering how we write some of this stuff?!? Everything Code Red develops is open source. You can go check it out on our GitHub page. Unfortunately, none of our software is perfect. If you find a bug in our code, we kindly ask for you to tell us! Please fill out this form. Thanks!

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